Contest Results

Over All Ranks

RankTeam NameTotal
1Bushmaster BBQ694.7884
2American Fire BBQ690.7884
3Damn Fine Beef And Swine689.0972
4Slightly Sauced688.5140
6Parrothead Smokers683.9660
7Against the Grain BBQ682.8228
8Dirt Crue BBQ680.5028
10Fairway Smokers675.9312
11C&M BBQ671.9656
12Score One Smokin’670.7884
13Meat Rushmore BBQ669.0856
14Smokin’ Lefty’s BBQ667.3488
15Smokers Wild665.0744
16Needs More Cowbell BBQ663.3144
17Off In The Pits Competition Team661.5996
18Grillin’ Grindes658.7312
19Helping U BBQ657.0856
20Team Brew & Que655.9544
21Hot Grill on Grill Action653.0288
22Just Blowin’ Smoke652.4916
23Bucknutz BBQ651.3600
24Byg’s BBQ648.5372
25No Label BBQ648.4112
26Big Stacks BBQ642.8000
27Grill ’em All640.4112
28Smokey Bears Steak Team632.4452
29Maple Street BBQ626.7316
30Bull Slap BBQ614.0804
31Brocken BBQ601.0288

Master Series: CHICKEN

RankTeam NameTotal
1Dirt Crue BBQ176.0000
2C&M BBQ173.1428
3Smokin’ Lefty’s BBQ173.1200
4Bushmaster BBQ173.1200
5Damn Fine Beef And Swine172.5600
6Parrothead Smokers172.5600
7Slightly Sauced171.9884
8American Fire BBQ171.9772
9Against the Grain BBQ171.4172
10Fairway Smokers170.8456
11Score One Smokin’169.7028
12Bucknutz BBQ168.5828
13Off In The Pits Competition Team167.9656
14Just Blowin’ Smoke167.4172
15Grill ’em All167.4056
18Needs More Cowbell BBQ166.2628
19Grillin’ Grindes165.1084
20Big Stacks BBQ164.5600
21No Label BBQ161.7028
22Team Brew & Que161.6800
23Smokers Wild161.1428
24Meat Rushmore BBQ159.3944
25Helping U BBQ159.3828
26Byg’s BBQ158.8572
27Brocken BBQ157.1200
28Bull Slap BBQ155.9544
29Hot Grill on Grill Action154.2516
30Maple Street BBQ151.9084
31Smokey Bears Steak Team149.6684

Master Series: PORK RIBS

RankTeam NameTotal
1Bushmaster BBQ179.4400
2Damn Fine Beef And Swine176.5600
3Score One Smokin’174.8800
4Meat Rushmore BBQ174.8572
5American Fire BBQ173.7144
6Parrothead Smokers173.1660
7Smokin’ Lefty’s BBQ173.1200
8Byg’s BBQ173.1200
9Off In The Pits Competition Team172.0228
11Dirt Crue BBQ170.8572
12Grillin’ Grindes170.2744
13Helping U BBQ169.7144
14C&M BBQ167.4400
15Needs More Cowbell BBQ167.3944
17Slightly Sauced166.8228
18Hot Grill on Grill Action166.2628
19Smokers Wild165.0972
20Grill ’em All163.4056
21Smokey Bears Steak Team162.8456
22Just Blowin’ Smoke161.6916
23Against the Grain BBQ161.6800
24Maple Street BBQ161.0972
25No Label BBQ160.5144
26Fairway Smokers159.4172
27Team Brew & Que159.3944
28Brocken BBQ155.9772
29Bucknutz BBQ154.8228
30Big Stacks BBQ151.3828
31Bull Slap BBQ147.3716

Master Series: PORK

RankTeam NameTotal
1Hot Grill on Grill Action177.7144
2Slightly Sauced177.7028
4Against the Grain BBQ175.4628
5American Fire BBQ175.4056
6Smokers Wild174.2856
7Dirt Crue BBQ173.1200
8Fairway Smokers170.8228
9Bushmaster BBQ170.2628
10Byg’s BBQ169.7028
11Helping U BBQ169.1428
12Meat Rushmore BBQ169.1312
14Team Brew & Que168.5828
15Damn Fine Beef And Swine167.9772
16No Label BBQ167.9656
17Grillin’ Grindes167.9656
18Needs More Cowbell BBQ167.4172
19Maple Street BBQ165.1772
20Smokin’ Lefty’s BBQ164.5716
21C&M BBQ164.0000
22Parrothead Smokers163.3828
23Big Stacks BBQ161.6916
24Bull Slap BBQ159.9772
25Grill ’em All158.2056
26Bucknutz BBQ157.6916
27Just Blowin’ Smoke157.6456
28Score One Smokin’157.0856
29Smokey Bears Steak Team153.1084
30Off In The Pits Competition Team152.5028
31Brocken BBQ152.0000

Master Series: BRISKET

RankTeam NameTotal
1Parrothead Smokers174.8572
2Fairway Smokers174.8456
3Against the Grain BBQ174.2628
5Damn Fine Beef And Swine172.0000
6Slightly Sauced172.0000
7Bushmaster BBQ171.9656
8Bucknutz BBQ170.2628
9American Fire BBQ169.6912
10Score One Smokin’169.1200
11Off In The Pits Competition Team169.1084
13C&M BBQ167.3828
14Smokey Bears Steak Team166.8228
15Team Brew & Que166.2972
16Just Blowin’ Smoke165.7372
17Meat Rushmore BBQ165.7028
18Big Stacks BBQ165.1656
19Smokers Wild164.5488
20Needs More Cowbell BBQ162.2400
21Dirt Crue BBQ160.5256
22Helping U BBQ158.8456
23No Label BBQ158.2284
24Smokin’ Lefty’s BBQ156.5372
25Grillin’ Grindes155.3828
26Hot Grill on Grill Action154.8000
27Grill ’em All151.3944
28Bull Slap BBQ150.7772
29Maple Street BBQ148.5488
30Byg’s BBQ146.8572
31Brocken BBQ135.9316

People’s Choice Wings

1st – Hollow Q

2nd – Bucknutz BBQ

3rd – Smokin’ Lefty’s

4th – Against the Grain

5th – Big Stacks BBQ

T-6th -C&M BBQ / Hot Grill on Grill Action

T-8th – Ribshack Smokehouse / Brocken BBQ

10th – Score One Smokin

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